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Saturday, April 9, 2011

These are the reasons we lost STILL we love team Green.

§  Why did Afridi refuse to go on the West Indies tour which is starting on APRIL       17, after the world cup?
§  Why did Afridi give an angry look at the VIP room after losing the match?
§  Why did Afridi say sorry to the nation?
§  What was the message conveyed to umar akmal during ‘glove exchange’ that he bowled out on the next delievery?   
§  Why did Afridi cry before match?
§  Why are indians now ready for table talk + CRICKET SERIES + Water for ravi?!
§  Why did Afridi and then team refuse to take money from PM                               & dinner with PM
§  A little glimpse at what happened when they won the mini world cup.  Now just think what would have had happened with the Indian Muslims if they had lost the World Cup, to us on their home ground. 
§  pressure.  and Our Team had faced a lot of
§  Just two-three days after that match Indian Govt, released 250 pakistani prisoners from their jail. And also released the river RAVI water was kept blocked for many years in Punjab. Indian Govt contacted BCC in order to allow indian team to play at Pakistani soil, and moreover they will consider the pakistani players in IPL?!
§  Just think what Afridi wants to say to the Nation?
§  8 catches droped. Extras worth 25 runs. Gul - 7 Overs/70 runs.Younas && Misbah’s batting.

How did all this happen guys?!

Confirm reports about Mafia & Pakistani Government. Afridi not involved. 
Just read it.
P.s. Remember PCB is headed by Asif Ali Zardari.

§  Indian media reports Pakistan will win the match & India will lose.
   (On the base of mafia propaganda to make Pakistan Favorite)
§  Pakistan Becomes Favorite
- Everyone starts betting on Pakistan’s victory
- President Asif Ali Zardari & his co-party members with the help of mafia also started betting. But on India’s win.
§  They pressurized afridi to lose the match with the help of Gillani by insisting that they must lose to bring the nations closer. Why Pakistan?
§  Another reason given was a Muslim-to-be-tortured-in-India-source. I’ll skip that. But reportedly, it was another reason Gillani presented to Afridi.
§  No way left for Afridi now, init? This is what happens to a hero of a nation?
§  Surely India played well, then why bring in politics? 
§  Now many of you asked why didn’t Afridi announce it to the media? So i may remind you, this is the nation where the vase of missing person is not solved till after 10 years, that too rarely. One name: Raymond Davis
§  Rehman Malik: we are keeping an eye on the team? 
§  I never lose hope on Pakistan but today after all this I feel ashamed. Because this is what is happening to our heroes.
§  Why didn’t Afridi confirm the toss?
§  Mate here updated his status as a Bookie update on 30th match 2:51 pm, that India will score nearly 260+ runs. And fall of wickets for Pakistan?

Afridi, We Love You 
And Shahid Afridi addressed the nation in a way our president never has – unselfish, genuine, modest. So when Afridi apologized to Pakistan, millions listened and were humbled by the gesture. Our eyes filled with tears and our hearts with love and strange kind of sorrow. Shahid Afridi, you need not apologize to the nation.

Cricketers, you made us patriotic. You made us passionate. You made us proud. You united us as a Nation.

First time in the history of Pakistan, pakistanis gave a warm welcome to their team despite of the results;
We are improving as a Nation :)

Special thanks to Afridi for the special moments that’ll stay fresh in our hearts for a long while
-Awwwe, I simply love the part where Afridi talks to the little girl walking with him. Can’t get even of it! I wonder what they were talking :)

Pakistan Zindabad. 
P.s. Share it guys. 
P.s. I’m NOT saying I believe all this because till an hour ago I was against all the scandals revolving around Worldcup 2011, but it did make me wonder even if for a few minutes, bloody politicians.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Ghalib Khalil is a Pakistani and grew up in Sialkot. He is a freelance writer
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