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Thursday, April 21, 2011

pakistan west indies series

Some times,i wonder why dont we promote cricket as our national game,looking at the immense passion and absorption of cricket in the blood of whole nation.After having phenominal cricket in world cup 2011 about a month ago,the cricketing arena of pakistan's cricket must improve in a glorish manner.The nation is epecting the team afridi flourishing and giving the results such that they feel the smell of past golden days.Its high time for PCB to groom player for upcoming years.
Team afridi's first task is series with westindians.Both teams have a lot of youngsters featuring for first time in international cricket ,above all the unpredictibilty is in common,so theseboth volatile elements will make the upcoming series very absorbing contest.WCB(westindies cricket bard) has been having contract wrangles with sponsers and their financial crisis is another challenge for them.Though the absence of few senior palyers like chris gyle,chander paul,sarwan,pollard is qiute disappoing factor for lovers of WI cricket but its the time for WI to give chances to young blood to take the responsibility and fell the pressure of the game.

Looking at the current pak side,they are cosidered as favourites for only t20 and odi series but beating WI in their own grounds is not easy job.pcb has been make many tangible changes in the squad after world cup by 'resting' some senior players and including new youngsters like slahuddin,hammad azam and saddaf hussain.Pak have a great balanced side with hafeez and shahzad opening and asad,hammad,umar akmal in middle order,with superb slow bowling department make pak team a balanced side.Fast bowling has always been an asset for pak crickters.Ravi shastri saying ''in pakistan fast bowlers are born on trees,if you shake a tree,many will fall to pick for the team''is quite quotable.Its a great sign that pcb has encouraged shahid afridi as captain and retained his job after world cup.Afridi is very passionate,loyal and very unconvetional skipper who has good off field relations with youngsters which earn him the respect within team.He is the senior of the lot and its his responsibilty to put pak team at the stage from where they can excel to glory

(Ahsan ul haq torino,italy)

Shahrukh Khan playing cricket with Sunil Gavaskar and Shane Warne

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