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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cricket stars could face lie detector tests after Pakistan match-fixing scandal

Cricketers could be made to face lie-detector tests as part of an effort to stamp out corruption in sport.
The radical suggestion would be the first attempt to use such technology in sport.
This summer’s Test series between England and Pakistan was tainted by allegations of match-fixing against the Pakistan team.
Pakistan players Salman Butt (far left), Mohammad Asif (centre) and Mohammad Amir were at the centre of the spot-fixing allegations

Former Australia captain Steve Waugh, who suggested the idea, said: ‘I was thinking that if you have done nothing wrong, why wouldn’t you have a lie detector test to show it?
The influential body the MCC has agreed to consider the proposal at its next meeting.
A spokesman said: ‘The committee is concerned at the scale of the problem, and the detrimental effect it has placed on the integrity of the game. More resources – and increased powers – are required to attempt to eradicate this issue from the game.’
It comes amid increasing concerns about corruption and bad sportsmanship across sport. Similar ideas have been suggested for other sports.
But England captain Andrew Strauss gave only a cautious endorsement, saying: ‘I don’t know about the accuracy of lie-detector tests.’
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