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Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Pakistan will win world cup 2011

I was just watching my facebook wall and saw comments of some of my friends that what are u expecting from Pakistan Cricket Team ??? To win a World Cup ??Are you crazy ??? U are the biggest joker in this world !!! The team who cannot beat a newzealand which had lost last 11 odi's ... but my answer was simple " tm daikhoo pakistan cricket team karti kya ha " in the  very next match Pakistan team thrashed newzealand team by 43 runs.Now moving toward the topic why pakistan team will win this world cup ???
 There are many reasons which are favouring pakistan cricket team and one of them is Shahid Khan Afridi itself Who is most unpredictable player in this world ,,,can score 100 of 37 bals and might out on 0 but Afridi is magician for me ... He is a backbone of team pakistan ,,when ever he arrives in the ground the atmostphere in the ground is electrifying and the oposition automatically feels pressure which is itself a plus point for BOOM BOOM ,,,, and if he plays with little sense he can be a destroyer ...Now moving toward the second point which you all agree with me. Pakistan team has more destructive players than any team in the world .. Question is who are they ???? very simple Bang Bang Razzaq which is known as fighter and even afridi use to call him"FAUJI".. he is the player which fits in any team in the world and his unconventional shorts  worth seen. Now moving toward the second destructive player the youngster Ahemd Shehzad which has bright future and is opening for pakistan now days ...
His technique is similar to the Sehwag and Tendulker and is a stroke players and like imran nazir can score quick 50 at the top against any team in the  Akmal brothers , Umer Akmal and Kamran Akmal can destroy any bowling attack in the world.U guys have seen them plenty of time saving Pakistan Team from colllapse and are good finishers. The last but not the least known as tail-ender but can hit big sixes Abdul Wahab Riaz he will be a vital to pakistan success, His bowling is improving day by day and is a handful bowler in the depth of the innings ...In the end "RAWALPINDI EXPRESS" is the man,,whose 150 k/m delivries can destroy any batting line and is playing pro-active role in odi's for pakistan bowling attack on the day if one of these guns fired up then Pakistan Team can beat any one one his day and that day might be a quaterfinal ,semifinal or even a final and we are very hopeful pakistan will win this world cup after 19 year.Pray for Pakistan and stay tune ...:p
                                                                               Pakistan zindabad
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