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Thursday, February 10, 2011

HP unveils 3 new devices, including its new TouchPad tablet

Today at HP and Palm‘s ‘Think Beyond’ webOS event, the lack of Palm logos was a tell-tale sign that HP would steal the show.
“We have a history of firsts. We have a tradition of creating firsts,” said Todd Bradley, the Executive VP of the Personal System Group at Hewlett-Packard, a company known for its sturdy computers, printers and laptops. With a focus on bringing scale to the mass markets, HP has acquired Palm and added hundreds of engineers to its force.
Jon Rubinstein, who helped to create the iPod and is now the senior VP and general manager at Hewlett-Packard took the stage to unveil 3 new HP devices all connected with HP’s Synergy product, which merges data from across the cloud and brings it together in an easy way.

I-The HP Veer

The Veer is the smallest webOS smartphone to date; it is the same size as a credit card and will be available in early spring. “Never before has a smartphone done so much, and felt so little,” says Rubinstein

2. The Pre 3

The smartphone for professionals will come in two versions- HSPA and and EVDO Rev A world phone — 8GB or 16GB. It will be available this summer.

3. The TouchPad.

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