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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pakistan Cricket Team Champions or Guilty

As the world cup started people were astonish to observe the ever unexpected quality performance of the green shirts. Initially meant to be dropped out in the initial phase all the predictions went on sinking and the underestimated Pakistani team eventually appeared among the top four cricket teams of the mega event. The success united and cherished the terrorism affected people of Pakistan. But the Mohali semi final appeared to be the worst nightmare of the Pakistan cricket fans. Green shirts could not retain their success and failed to encounter Indian team. Every game has a basic rule one winner or in other words one looser. Unfortunately green shirts were the looser which aside from being a cricket upset was catalyzed by the fact that India and Pakistan were the traditional enemies of each other.
As usual the great scholars having great minds initiated commenting on Pakistani team performance targeting single individual on field to the ones administrating the administrative issues. Further some scholars claimed a vague claim that such defeat which united a team is not a defeat. My dear friends defeat is a defeat one must accept it. My focus is on the point that till the green shirts were at rise whole nation was wearing green shirts. Now they are down and I don’t see a single Pakistani wearing a green shirt. What is it?
I will like to discuss with an example a selfish friend who is with you till you are at rise what you call him. A cheat, unfaithful, worst enemy e.t.c. Similarly girl staying with you till you at peak and when you fall you don’t see her near you what you call her mean girl attach with your glory not you personally.
If I say “o people this is not a defeat it’s an achievement you see we got united “. Definitely you will refer me to be idiot of an extreme sickness. But my fellows if you observe and analyze you in the above mentioned scenario are we mean, are we cheat so why was our attachment with our heroes conditioned with their success. What I think it’s time to support our heroes instead of giving our generous comments please respect their efforts. If you still think I am off the track so dear please don’t consider yourself a nation as nation attachment to their heroes is not subjected to their rise or fall it is all that their heroes own them.
For our team it was never you win or lose, tough not that of the world but I assure you are our champions. I will request every Pakistani to come forward and support your heroes.
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