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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pakistani batsmen lack the right attitude

Pakistani batsmen lack the right attitude and for which they are being victimized of pathetic defeats
By Faisal Caesar
While batting in a cricket match a batsman must have the right attitude. It is very important to perform to the best of one’s abilities. Attitude plays a very important part in achieving success. Some highly gifted batsman in world cricket could not reach the top because of their negative attitude, whereas less talented batsmen could do so because of their positive attitude. The perfect combination would, of course, be both talent and attitude.
Pakistani batsmen’s talent is beyond one’s doubt. They are a gifted bunch of talented customers who have all the ingredients to bring the best bowlers on their knees with their charisma. But sadly, it’s not happening. They fall a prey to bowlers who hardly have the abilities to put shiver down the spine of even the most mediocre of batsmen.
In the recently concluded first Test against the West Indies, Pakistani batsmen gifted their opposition another win by virtue of another pathetic batting display. Misbah-ul Haq had an incredible opportunity to carve his name in history by leading a first Pakistan victory in a Caribbean Test series. Those dreams were dusted. The West Indian fast bowlers who, other than Roach, lack pace and enough venom to outfox any batmen of the World tormented the much talented Pakistani batting lineup than the Caribbiean as if the Pakistani batsmen were novices.
Where are the things going wrong? Names like Misbah-ul-Haq, Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Mohamamd Hafeez might not be the best batsmen of the World but are very good batsmen with enough abilities and certainly are not the customers to be capitulated against the likes of either Darren Sammy or Ravi Rampaul. So, again, where are the things going wrong?
The problem is with the attitude. Pakistani batsmen, who once were blessed with an ideal blend of talent and attitude, are now seemed to be born losers. They come to bat and exhibit the most ridiculous display of batting which leaves the likes of Hanif Mohamad and Javed Miandad in complete shame. Their technique, which once was the role model for all, is a sorry tale while their laid back stay at the crease is frustrating for the critics and fans. None have the patience or the attitude to counter the deadliest of wickets or none have the guts to dominate the mediocre of attacks.
Sammy, Rampaul or Bishoo didn’t show the art of an Ajmal, Rehman or Riaz. Their odd balls pitched on a length and being aided by the wicket curled, twisted and jumped which were needed to be countered by the bat and not by the foot. Had the batsmen had the right attitude then it was not a rocket science. All first class players who graduate to play Test cricket know what the plan to execute on tricky tracks is: Buckle down and be countered. On that Guyana track the Pakistani batsmen moved too early to play forward even before correctly judging the line and length of the ball and thus fell a prey. Lack of proper attitude has led them to be derailed from the basics.
Many are advising of a batting consultant or a coach. But what can a coach do if the players don’t get their attitude right? The coach certainly will guide on the grey areas but if the players keep on exploding their brains then even the coach would want to commit suicide!
The fundamental skills of batting have vanished from Pakistan cricket. The attitude is wrong and for which the men in green are being victimized again and again. Who is to solve this problem? A batting coach? I don’t think so. It’s up to the Pakistani batters to get their attitude back to the right track.
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