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Sunday, May 8, 2011

PCB to oppose ICC’s amendments

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman and the current Punjab ombudsman Khalid Mehmood has welcomed the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) proposal of autonomous functioning of the national cricket boards.
The ICC’s Executive Board will propose changes to its constitution which will be applicable from July 2012. The changes are designed to prevent undue interference by governments in the administration of cricket in member nations, including, but not limited to, interference in operational matters, selection and management of teams, appointment of coaches or support personnel or the activities of a member.
Pakistan, along with Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, are countries currently run with direct interference by the government.
The Express Tribune understands that the PCB is not ready to accept the proposed amendments as Ijaz Butt and crew have already hinted legal action in case of the changes being implemented.
“I don’t know the intentions of the ICC but I don’t think the ICC should dictate any country in their internal functioning, they have no right,” Mehmood told The Express Tribune. “Pakistan’s association with the world cricket body is over 50 years old and if during that period they’ve had no problems then what is the point this time?
“The amendments are only because of the interference of governments in cricket which somehow damages the spirit of the game. But many countries have a history and tradition in their setup, so changes should be on based on merit.”
The ICC amendments have also made free elections mandatory for members of the executive body or outside nominees to cricket administrative bodies.
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