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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fault lies with both Afridi and Pakistan board, Abbas says

Making a point
The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as well as Shahid Afridi have committed mistakes, according to Pakistan's former captain and legendary batsman Zaheer Abbas.
Expressing his concern over the latest controversy that has damaged the image of Pakistan cricket, Abbas in an exclusive interview to Gulf News in Dubai said: "Some are saying Afridi is right and some others are saying PCB is right.
"Frankly, both are wrong. When Afridi made a few mistakes the board did not do anything and let him go. So Afridi went on pushing his luck. If the board had strictly enforced the rule during his very first mistake, the whole incident would not have happened."
Abbas, who was also Pakistan team's coach and selector, wants discipline to be enforced at all costs.
"Any player breaking the law should be punished immediately. He has to be told that he is not above the game. When Afridi chewed the ball and scratched the ball, nothing was done. Then when he was named captain of the Pakistan team at Lord's, he resigned.
"The number of times the board let him go scot-free is many. This sends a wrong message to the other players in the team and it also will prove that player power is stronger than the board," added Abbas.
"Any player who has signed the contract must abide by the rules of the contract. It clearly states that you are not supposed to make public statements. If the board does not punish a player who breaks the rules, others players will also take their chances.
Prospects good
"The Afridi issue was such a trivial one that it should have been settled in a room. Once you let such an issue [like difference of opinion between the coach and captain] become public then it is trouble and no wonder it has now ended up in court," said Abbas, who was known as the Asian Bradman for his consistent batting.
Talking about Pakistan changing 11 captains in three years, Abbas said: "Pakistan has not been able to appoint a consistent captain because in every tour some controversy or the other has cropped up. How can a board select a captain for three years when they are not even sure of what will happen in the next tour? We have been struggling to find a strong captain and under the present scenario Misbah Ul Haq seems to be the best option."
However, Abbas is confident that Pakistan cricket will tide over this crisis soon and regain its glory.
"There is so much talent in Pakistan that the team can come up within a year. The present team is looking fine; the players are trying hard though we are not the strong team we used to be in the past. However the prospects look good. We should keep at least two to three teams ready to represent the nation any time."
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