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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zulqarnain available for selection after token fine from PCB

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Unlike Shahid Afridi, run-away wicket-keeper Zulqarnain Haider has escaped with a meagre fine of Rs500,000 from the PCB and is now available for selection in the Pakistan team.
Zulqarnain arrived at the National Cricket Academy under police security and appeared before the PCB disciplinary committee, comprising Sultan Rana (chairman), Col. Wasim Ahmed and Khawaja Awais, on Wednesday.
PCB’s legal adviser Tafazzul Rizvi assisted the committee.
The committee, which had fined Shahid Afridi Rs4.5 million on Thursday for criticising its officials, announced the fine for Zulqarnain before the media.
It also announced to keep Zulqarnain under observation for one year.
Zulqarnain preferred not to contest the case and admitted his mistake of leaving the national team in the UAE to catch a flight for London after allegedly receiving death threats during the series against South Africa last year.
While retaining the stand that he had received death threats, Zulqarnain said: “I took a wrong decision of leaving the team without intimating the team management. I should have informed someone.
“I did what I thought best at that time, but I later realised that was a wrong step.
“I will not repeat such action in future and I feel sorry for it.”
Asked the country faced embarrassment due to his actions, Zulqarnain said he felt sorry for it and wanted to close the
He refuted the impression that someone was using him as he had given various statements in the British media, hinting that he would name various persons involved in match-fixing.
The wicket-keeper added that he would not offer comments on any legal aspect of the case and PCB’s lawyer was in a better position to do it.
“Now I only want to concentrate on my cricket,” he added.
Meanwhile, Sultan Rana said Zulqarnain appeared before the committee to defend himself against the allegations filed by the PCB director of international cricket, Zakir Khan.
He said Zulqarnain gave answers to the committee verbally and he felt guilty and apologised for his acts.
“Zulqarnain also told us that he didn’t want to contest the case and admitted he had realised his mistake.
“He also said he withdrew all the allegations and he would accept any decision of the committee,” Sultan Rana said.
While announcing the decision, Sultan said, “As Zulqarnain has already wasted one year due to this case and as his father is suffering from cancer, the committee has decided to fine him Rs500,000 and keep him under observation for one year.”
Sultan added that the wicket-keeper would be available for selection during the one year probation period.
He said the detailed order of the committee would be released in the next couple of days.
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