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Friday, July 1, 2011

News: New bowling machine to copy world’s best

 British scientists have fabricated a bowling machine that they claim can mimic its real life counterparts.

According to media reports, the machine replicates the bowling of Australian leg-spin legend Shane Warne or the English left-arm spinner Monty Panesar. They say it can copy the spin, swing and pace of any of the world’s best.

Experts believe the device developed at the Loughborough University will be invaluable for honing the skills of professional cricketers. It works by manipulating the alignment of the seam, speed of the ball ad airflow around it to create swing.

According to its inventor Dr. Andy West, when they were designing the machine, they considered all the things that real players use such as the orientation of the seam and the speed at which the ball is released to vary how a ball travels when it is bowled.

“Real life bowlers can get tired or injured during extensive training periods so the machine is ideal for batsmen to practise with,” West has been quoted as saying. West further said Loughborough researchers were also developing simulation machines for sports such as golf, football, rowing and weight training. 
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