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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Pakistan cricket team without Shahid Afridi is unromantic, dull and less attractive

As the men in green grabbed wickets against Zimbabwe in the first ODI, as the boys celebrated each wicket, something was missing. Energy, aggression and romance had been absent. Without the presence of the Pathan, Shahid Afridi the Pakistan team looked less attractive.

The PCB, whose whims led to an Afridi exile, is really unromantic, nihilistic and sexless. They don’t understand the appeal and desire of the romantic cricket fans who look for the wild romance alongside enjoying cricket on the field. The PCB, at present has no idea why the men in green were the hot cakes in the 80’s and 90’s and why they were the most applauded side.

The major reason had been the presence of some exciting handsome devils. They were hot, sexy, appealing and dashing. They used to leave each cricket fans dream during sleep about the romantic flavour which they used to digest during each match the green darlings played in the golden era of Pakistan cricket.

Imran led the handsome devils and they not only exhibited cricketing skills but with that there had been a touch of sizzling nights, the extravagant wild feelings, the fragrance of the wild rose, the thirsty desire that mostly scripts the novel of cricket romanticisms.

What is cricket without its romantic heroes! What is cricket without the sex symbols!

It’s boring! It’s totally spremless!

Shahid Afridi is cricket’s romantic hero, a Pathan who drags enormous attraction from the fans either Pakistani or non-Pakistani, who loves to watch the cricket played with wild energy and utmost sexual appeal.

Afridi, in my book is the most magnetic and charismatic romantic hero of cricket at present. And in a Pakistan team filled with so many boring characters, the absence of Afridi simply makes it look like an art film who does inject agility but lacks the wild romantic appeal.

For Shahid Afridi you just can’t use calculations but you allow the wild romantics to bubble over and carry you along its hot, violent and unruly lava.The PCB is ignorant. You have forgotten that half of the cricket fans are ladies and how amazingly the charming ladies bring joy and colour to cricket and for them more than the game, it’s the electric presence of the sex symbols rather than their skills draw more fans in the stadiums.

In the recently concluded World Cup in the quarterfinal clash against the West Indies, the Mirpur stands were filled with fans who weren’t Pakistani fans but they were there only to have a glimpse of Shahid Afridi. The fans, majority females, shouted, chanted and sweated whenever they noticed Afridi.

And even after being married, Shahid Afridi is the ladies number one choice. The opposition batsmen might not enjoy his bowling or the bowlers might not relish his wild batting but his silky hair, his sexy smile, his raising of the index fingers towards the skies after grabbing each scalp by showing his bumbs towards the galleries drives the girls crazy.

This is what Afridi does to the atmosphere. This is what cricket’s romantic heroes offer to cricket. This is why cricket needs wild romantics in cricket.

Shahid Afridi is the symbol of cricket’s wild romantics. He is the darling of cricket. He is the true superstar whom the Pakistan team who lack romance and energy and obviously cricket needs him.

Imran Yousuf in one of his article had said, “Because sport, as you men may or may not know, carries the erotic. It is the erotic speaking another language. The pursuit of eros is sport's bloodstream, its unspoken raison d'etre. All our controls and rules are ways of harnessing this primal power into whistles and points.”

I can’t imagine the Pakistan cricket team without the Pathan. Too tough for me to enjoy a Pakistan team without Afridi, whose glamour and romance has made me their fan. Afridi scripts the dance of the wolves with his wild romance and aggression.

The present Pakistan team is dull without Shahid Khan Afridi.

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