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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pakistan cricket fans and critics, do they really understand the dilemma?

For all cricket fanatics, and fans alike, Pakistan cricket has always found its way into the trivial discussions and arguments mostly serving as conversation fillers for the gossip starved beings in a random social gathering.
Anyone who has even so much as seen a television forms his view about the matter and like veteran cricket commentators voice their arguments about it as if they have found the missing piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, while they might argue passionately stating their opinions with excitement, in most cases the listener too has limited knowledge and hence they accept their opinion as facts, which in effect forms their own opinion, about a particular issue.
Especially, when it comes to the PCB and Pakistan cricket, almost everyone has their own theories of what is in fact wrong with the institution. Some of course, take the more philosophical view to reinforce their line of argument about the global political situation by relating it to the national cricket team of the country.
If Pakistan’s players are accused of spot fixing then, it would not be unreasonable to expect some commentator or critic coming up and saying, “See I told you so, Paki’s are rotten. They are all thieves”.
At the same time there are those, who take great pains to analyze the situation, “You see, the creation of the bourgeois in a feudalistic society of Pakistan greatly increased the disparity between the rich and the poor, in contrast with the perfect example of an egalitarian society. The corruption of an individual on a greater level is reflective of a society that patronizes, nay accepts such immoral vices. The social fabric of the nation has been undermined, as news of yet more incidences of corrupt practices have infiltrated media regarding the Pakistan cricket team…”.
Then there are those fans, who insist that their team is completely innocent. These fans normally follow up with clichés such as, “Penalize Ijaz Butt and not Pakistan Cricket”, “This is all a conspiracy to defraud Pakistan Cricket”, “It is all due to that incompetent Butt”, “It is said that the enemies of the state are construing a plan to infiltrate Pakistan Cricket by controlling the minds of our cricketers”.
Such banter has been heard quite often and sometimes it just feels like the writer attempting to squash your brain with a Jack Hammer. Lately it has been becoming just that. Meaningless, pointless ramblings attempting to solve a major mystery, written with the seriousness of a detective trying to construe some sense out of a string and a nail, that could possibly be the key to finding out about the killer of John F Kennedy.
 Some people just do not make the effort to go through the pain of trying to make a point and I respect their honesty. If someone has to make a point, they could do the same less painfully. In fact of the examples mentioned above, I prefer the critics who go, “See I told you they’re all thieves these Paki’s” rather than some guy trying to link a cricketer’s corrupt ways to world peace”.
Pakistan Cricket Board is an institution and the cricketers are the result of what the institution has sown over the years. If there was in fact one single problem with the cricket board, I would have gladly wanted to point it out and just get it over with.
However, unfortunately that is not the case. There are details that many writers fail to acknowledge, there are aspects many fail to understand, there are circumstances that many fail to take into consideration.
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