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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can Any Team Rule The Pakistan Lions?

There is a real tidal wave milling in this World Cup and the only question is will it lose its might before it hits the shore or indeed wash all the other Teams away…

This indeed is the Pakistan cricket Team, who in truth since the tragic occurrence in England have unified as tight as a fist and have just performed to a very high level. Nothing has derailed them either in this surge…
The ICC rulings……….water off a ducks back
Zulqarnain Haider promising to tell all……..more water and more ducks back
And finally the expected fall out from the Shahid Afridi and Misbah ul Huq supposed leadership joust that lead to hugs between the two in New Zealand
The usual fragmented bunch of players that is so characteristic grouped under the title of the Pakistan Cricket Team.
At present is indeed a Team and indeed a very fine one.
To the point where they have a look of formability and would be putting the fear of God into the opposition…
Even looking at last nights practice game against Bangladesh and yet another fine century by a squad member in Ahmed Shehzad.It shows by the fact that he isn’t even touted to be in the Team come the first game the depth of reserves Pakistan have.
Also Shoaib Ahktar was resting his 35 year old legs in this game won conclusively by Pakistan with thoughts of being the wrecking ball in this World Cup to cap off his career.
And who would doubt him being just this?
The spinners look very capable and refined and with the amount of all rounders in the Team. Pakistan can have as many as 7 bowlers at their disposal in any game.All of who are capable of decisive results.
Then you look at their hitters and the power of this Team is off the chart.If their playing in Dhaka you might even have balls lobbing in Eden Gardens,Kolkata-such is their might.
Plus never underestimate the role of the unspoken for this Team………
In terms of all their been through they are a bit of a mentality like cornered animals and when that is the case they are twice as lethal
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