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Monday, September 12, 2011

For how long PCB can gag somebody for giving opinion

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said on Sunday that how long the board can gag somebody as it is always noticed that a show cause notice is issued to the person who tries to give opinion on cricket publicly.Reliable sources in the PCB told APP that Pakistan former limited-overs skipper Shahid Afridi was issued a show cause notice when he appeared on media criticising PCB and then followed by former great and currently the director general of PCB Javed Miandad as he was issued a show cause notice also for giving comments in a daily newspaper.The source said that it is time the PCB give the players and the officials some space.

“The PCB should meet the players and the management regularly and should abreast of the problems, if any, going on that may hamper their performance. Stripping the captains, officials from the leadership role should only be done after carefully analysing the situation on ground,” the source said adding that opinions of players and officials should also be taken.
The source further said that the players and officials come on the media and speak when they think that they are not been given proper time or they are not being consulted where it is needed.
“Why to make this an issue. The PCB should give a chance to everybody to speak otherwise the game of cricket would fade in the country,” the source said adding that every person has the right of opinion and by issuing notices like these it can worsen the situation more.
The source further said, “I am not saying that the PCB is wrong all the time but it should let others speak as well. By this, the game can get better in the country.”
“People ask the players and officials of their views which some of them give and some not, so there should be some leniency shown to them by the PCB,” the source concluded.
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