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Sunday, February 6, 2011

‘It’s only a temporary loss for Pakistan cricket’

Former Pakistan cricketers described the verdict as an unfortunate event in Pakistan’s cricket history and said that Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir should appeal.
However, former captain Rashid Latif said the loss of the three players will be temporary and Pakistan cricket will recover.
“To gain an honest system, and have unquestionable integrity, you have to lose something and players come and go,” said Latif.
“This will be a momentary loss for Pakistan cricket.”
Players should appeal: Ahmed
Former Test cricketer Tauseef Ahmed asserted that the three players should appeal and prove their innocence.
“We kind of expected this verdict after the British Crown Prosecution Service’s decision,” said Ahmed.
“It is really disappointing but I’m sure it’ll reap some benefits for cricket in general.
“However, the players should definitely appeal against the hard verdict, if they’re innocent.”
‘They should prove their innocence’
Meanwhile, former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Khalid Mehmood said it is the right of the players to prove themselves innocent if they are not guilty.
“They should try to defend themselves as long as they can, and as long as they’re innocent. Clearing their name is their right,” said Mehmood.
PCB blasted
He also blasted the PCB for isolating the players when they needed help.
“We should help them in every way we can. The PCB should not isolate them but help them go through this.
‘Asif’s career over’
Former chief selector Iqbal Qasim said the verdict ensures that the careers of the tainted trio have finished.
“Asif will probably become useless after five years,” said Iqbal.
“Salman and Amir might have some chance, but it’s still very unlikely. Practically speaking I don’t think these players should think about cricket for some time now.
“Not just Pakistan cricket but cricket throughout the world will become better now. Unfortunately decades down the lane, everyone will remember this incident as an example. Pakistan has suffered but this is the price you pay.”
Qasim said the decision must serve as a reminder for other cricketers as well as for the PCB.
“I hope these punishments will help future cricketers be more responsible. I think it should also serve as a jolt for the PCB who should have curbed this before it happened,” said Qasim.
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