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Friday, June 17, 2011

India vs West Indies 2011 cricket series: Raina criticized

India won the series, but lost the plot. India vs West Indies ODI 2011 series has been won by India 3-2. Nonetheless criticism is mounting against stand in captain Suresh Raina for his poor leadership qualities

By U Rehman (TimesWireService.Com)

New Delhi: We had predicted more than a week ago that the India vs West Indies series will be as good as Pakistan vs West Indies series played merely a couple of weeks ago. Like Suresh Raina led Indian cricket team, Pakistan too had won the first three matches, winning the series.

But then after a great start the team went downhill. We know that there were internal differences between coach and Pakistani cricket team and so their loss can be reasoned.

But we have no explanation as to why the Indian team that was looking great till the third one day international match suddenly lost the touch and lost two matches in a row and that too in a very humiliating fashion.

Losing fourth match with a margin of 140 plus runs and then the fifth and the last match by seven wickets is something that may not leave a great impression of the team and the captaining qualities of the stand in captain Suresh Raina.

He is being also blamed for the loss as he did not recall Munaf Patel who has been performing consistently with the ball back in the team after resting him for the fourth one day international.

Munaf was the main tormentor and the wicket taker of the team throughout the three matches that India won. He is also the most experienced bowler.

We had thought that with him rested for the two matches Ishant Sharma will make a good impression. But he didn’t and instead leaked too many runs. Bhajjy’s absence too played a negative role. He is someone who can be depended with both bat and ball. With him in the team, Raina’s team could have added more runs in the last ten overs.

Stand in captain Suresh Raina is also being attacked for his poor batting judgment. He has played the same poor shots one after the other and has not understood as to how to avoid such useless shots. He has been trying to hit every ball for sixes and fours and hasn’t been able to find his touch.

His maximum score in the series is 44 runs, not good enough to find a place in the next one day international series that India would be playing against England.
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