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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cricket Betting ON Kamran Akmal as a Specialist Batsman

Kamran Akmal, the Pakistan wicketkeeper has been heard by the cricket betting fans as saying that he is better than ever but is ready to play even as a specialist batsman if needed to help with the cricket scores. The cricket betting fans wonder if Akmal is ready also.
“I’ve addressed some of the basics, especially those things that went wrong for me in England,”Kamran told “I’ve watched a lot of the videos and we’ve analysed some of the errors.
I’ve been working hard with the National Bank coaches and have received sound advice from ex-cricketers like Ijaz Ahmed and Waqar Younis [the national coach].”
Cricket betting sites heard that Akmal, hopes that his performances have proven that he is good to go.
“When I wasn’t chosen for the series versus South Africa, I decided that I would look to regain my form and confidence in domestic cricket,” he said. “I’ve managed to score plenty of runs and I have been happy with my form behind the stumps.
“My dropping was up to the PCB and the selectors, and was out of my control. They choose who they think deserves a chance and I have no problem with that.
I am more determined than ever to reclaim my place in the Pakistan side and I am comfortable if the selectors and management want me to play as a keeper or purely as a batsman.”
Cricket betting fans should know that Akmal, has admitted that the training has been rough but says that he is ready mentally.
“Being dropped is not an easy thing to take,” he said, “but I took it on the chin and decided that I would use my dropping from the team as a motivational tool.
At this level, it’s the mental side of the game that quite often causes mistakes or a loss of form. I needed to be mentally tougher and I’ve worked on that.”
Cricket betting fans are eager to see if Akmal can affect the cricket scores if called upon and only a bet can prove them right or wrong.
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