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Monday, January 17, 2011

ICC proposal for day-night Test matches gathers strength

Day-night Test matches moved a step closer to acceptance after cricket's governing body endorsed a trial first class match in Pakistan held under lights with a coloured ball. "I don't see any problems with the behaviour of the ball or playing under lights. This match would help us in our proposal.Richardson watched some of the five-day Quaid-e-Azam trophy final at the National stadium between the country's two top teams.
The match was played under floodlights in a bid to attract crowds and raise the profile of Pakistan's domestic cricket.
A pink ball has been used in trials in England, Australia and West Indies which would enable players to wear white clothing under floodlit conditions with white sightscreens.
The traditional red ball is difficult to see properly under lights. White balls are used successfully in day-night one-day matches but the players wear coloured clothing and black sightscreens are employed.
"The good thing is that this final has shown that it is possible to play first class and test matches in a day-night format with orange color balls," former captain and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) director-general of cricket Javed Miandad told reporters at the national stadium.
"But as far as the International Cricket Council is concerned it is up to them how they approach this new concept which can be done.
Miandad said that the PCB would send its report to the ICC after going through the reports of the captains and match officials.
"The good thing is that on all five days we got no complaints from anyone about playing in this format being difficult," he said.
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