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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miandad asks players to change their attitude

Javed Miandad on Monday gave bickering players a dressing down after tempers flared again on the fifth and final day of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Division-I final between Habib Bank (HBL) and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Miandad, the Director General of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), slammed the negative attitude and bad behaviour of the players here at the National Stadium.

The former Pakistan captain expressed his anger over the way players conducted themselves on the field. In the match that was televised live, there were accusations of ball-tampering, poor umpiring and several cases of indiscipline.

Players from both sides failed to control their tempers and turned what should have been a cricketing carnival into a hostile battle for supremacy. Both parties were heard and seen abusing each other. But the umpires failed to take control of the match at any point.

“The players need to change their attitude if they want to move forward,” warned Miandad. “When two teams play, one has to finish at the losing end and the players will have to learn to accept defeat gracefully,” he added.

“I feel let down by the actions of these players. There are some players who are very talented and can play for the national team. But for that they need to change their mentality and attitude.”

Meanwhile, a senior PIA official disagreed with Miandad and said that the players were all pumped up.

“The players were all pumped up and in the heat of moment things can be said to the opponents,” he said.

“Sledging is a part and parcel of the game. Australians have been doing that, similarly other top teams do so too.

“If these players are showing fighting attitude, this shows that they care for their departments and wanted to win the title. But unfortunately umpiring went against us,” he said.

“Fahad Masood showed the bat to our captain and used abusive words. Nobody took any notice of that serious gesture.

“Our players were also abused by our opponents.”

He added that the biased umpiring was the main reason which infuriated the players.

“Largely, the umpires were responsible for the negative attitude our players.

“There comes a time when you need to show that you are unhappy and that was the case.” 

Meanwhile HBL players also had complains against the PIA team.

“PIA’s players were using words which were intolerable but we had the courage to absorb them and play to our potential,” said one HBL player.

“They accused us of ball-tampering but everyone witnessed themselves that (PIA’s) Najaf Shah was tampering with the ball openly.

“As far as the umpiring is concerned we were also the victims of that as several decisions also went against us.” 

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